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Central Wellness Brings on Board New Business Development Vice President and Operations Manager
HUDSON, OH (September 7, 2017) – Central Wellness, an affiliate of LifeCenter Plus, announces the addition of two new positions, Vice President of New Business Development and Operations Manager.

“We are delighted to add new positions to support our growing customer base,” said Jerry Lynch, CEO of Central Wellness. “We are excited about the depth of experience and knowledge these individuals bring to the Central Wellness team. The addition of these roles helps to ensure the consistent training in HIPPA compliance and other industry standards."

In her role as Vice President of New Business Development, Susan Lynch develops ongoing strategic business relationships. She specializes in working with insurance brokers, agencies, and corporate clients to offer wellness programs that are custom designed to help corporations reduce health insurance costs and improve employees' overall health and fitness.

She has more than 15 years of business experience in account management and client relations for plan options in the healthcare benefit management industry. Her keen understanding of the complex financial arrangements provides healthcare insurance brokers with knowledgeable options. In addition, she has directed all levels of administration of a large, full-service health and fitness facility.

As Operations Manager, Lindsay Krieger focuses on understanding what motivates and challenges clients so she can help them set achievable goals. She believes that success in health and wellness relies on not only knowing what to do but also understanding how to make it happen in our everyday lives.

Lindsay discovered her passion for health and wellness early on as a youth athlete. She earned her bachelor’s degree in public health administration from Kent State University. Her academic and work experience includes implementation of public health services, wellness programs and client education.

Companies that work with Central Wellness have found a wide range of improvements in their company including: lowered risk factors for individual employees, improved overall company health scores, lowered healthcare costs, increased productivity, and decreased absenteeism due to illness.

About Central Wellness Central Wellness helps companies achieve lower health care costs and improve their employees’ health by providing screenings to identify health risk factors, developing customized programs that address risk factors and measuring progress toward a healthier workplace.

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