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Central Wellness Promotes Two to Support Growth
HUDSON, OHIO (June 10, 2015) – Central Wellness, one of the leading corporate wellness service providers in Ohio, recently promoted two employees into higher levels of responsibility to support the growth of the company.

Jennifer Stefanak was promoted President and Jerry Guerriero was promoted to Vice President, Operations.

“These promotions match the increasing levels of responsibility and recognize the hard work and abilities of both Jennifer and Jerry in their roles at Central Wellness,” said Jerry Lynch, CEO of Central Wellness. “They bring significant education and experience to Central Wellness and offer companies the opportunity to lower their health care costs while improving the level of health and fitness of their employees.”

Stefanak and Guerriero both hold Masters Degrees in Exercise Physiology from Kent State University. As a result of their work with companies and organizations though Central Wellness, they have created proven wellness programs that have resulted in significant changes in the employees at their client companies.

“I’m very encouraged about the series of changes that are happening at our client companies,” said Lynch. “Lowered health care costs. Reduced health risk factors. Less reliance on long term medications for high blood pressure and diabetes. We are seeing that our lifestyle interventions, nutrition tools, and fitness programs are creating an exciting reversal in the health epidemic that has seized our country in recent years.”

Central Wellness is unique among wellness service providers because the firm helps their clients to lower health care costs while improving employees’ health and productivity. Proven results include lowering health risk factors which has led to lower health care costs and happier healthier employees.

Among their recent clients are a large school system in Summit County, several manufacturing firms in Northeast Ohio, and a large Northeast Ohio medical center.

About Central Wellness
Central Wellness helps companies lower their health care costs by implementing initial assessments, targeting risk factors and providing programs to decrease these risk factors. Their programs help inform and motive employees as well as provide measurement tools to monitor progress. For more information, visit or call 330-655-2377 x 137.